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közel Top Rock, Christ Church (Barbados)

This bus adventure trail starts at Agave Drive and Graeme Hall Park at 13.07463°N and -59.56808°W. Proceed heading 258° along Graeme Hall Road. Turn left heading 172° at 13.07420°N and -59.56806°W. This leads onto Highway 7 at 13.07072°N and -59.56671°W. From here you can get a "Blue Bus" or a "Yellow Bus" or a "ZR Van" heading to Bridgetown. All of these costs just $2 Barbados Dollars ($1 USD) so it's great value for money. Just be aware that the buses in Barbados are not air conditioned, they are usually overloaded at peak hours, and the drivers usually drive uncomfortably fast. Continue heading 279° along Highway 7 through Worthing and Hastings.If you take the "ZR Van" it would take you to the terminal located at 13.09665°N and -59.60927°W. From here just walk along Broad Street right down to the Princess Alice Bus Terminal. This is located downtown at 13.09797°N and -59.62182°W. You would take the "Sturges" bus here. This takes you right to Harrison's Cave Visitor Center. This bus services the community so it goes off route a lot before getting to the visitor center. To get back you would just repeat the leg in reverse...
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ZR Stand

This waypoint is located at the ZR stand in Bridgetown....

Princess Alice Bus Terminal

This waypoint is located at the Princess Alice Bus Terminal in lower Bridgetown.

Harrisons Cave

This waypoint is located at the entrance to the Harrisons Cave Visitors Center....

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    Trini Hiker 2016.08.23.

    Amazingly Beautiful and a must do for everyone...

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    Amazingly Beautiful and a must do for everyone...

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