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1 635 m
741 m
43,6 km

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közel Zamora (România)

Moderate difficulty alpine car route into the SW part of Bucegi/Carpathians Mountain. 50% asphalt coated and 50% forestry road. Accessible for family cars too, during summer. Outstanding nature and wild landscape. Safe.
Busteni railway station
Poiana Tapului railway station
Petrom gas station
GPL gas station
Sinaia railway station
Leave DN1 to the right (South)
Take Calea Moroieni (DN71) to the right (West)
Leave DN71 for DJ113 (right - North)
Cuibul Dorului chalet
Leave DJ113 for DJ114 (ahead, West). End of asphalted road
Dichiu mountain troops facility (military)
To Zanoaga gorge and Scropoasa chalet
Cheile Zanoagei chalet
Bolboci chalet
Acces to the dam (pedestrians)
Top of the dam
Grota Ursului (Bear's Cave)
Coteanu villas
Diana chalet
To Padina chalet (closed for cars)
Salvamont Padina
Padina chalet
Mountain Police Training Facility
Horoabe forestry chalet
To Pestera Cave and Hermitage (pedestrians)

3 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép astron2701

    astron2701 2012.10.08.

    deine Strecke erinnert mich an November 2010.Mit dem Auto kommend über Moreni zur Cabana Bolboci und Pestera.Wunderschön zu fahren.Eine Landschaft wie ein Westeuropaer wie ich kaum vermutet hat.Wunderschön,wild und touristisch so gut wie nicht erschlossen.Asphalt habe ich vergeblich gesucht.Die Rückfahrt war abenteuerlich.Irgendwo gings nach Babele und von da nach Sinaia.Es wurde nur zu schnell dunkel.Die Strecke bin ich ein Tag zuvor OFFROAD mit Jeep gefahren.Aber abenteuerlich.Trotzdem möchte ich diese Tour gerne noch mal machen.Vielen Dank für deinen Beitrag. Ein schönes Land ,viel zu wenig beachtet.
    Fagarasan auch sehr empfehlenswert
    .for me nice to remind me. kind regards winni

  • Fénykép astron2701

    astron2701 2012.10.08.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    must have a right car,better suv
    many holes.changing direction in moreni village very diificult.
    no signs for the way to.next time will look for the way after pestera back to sinai
    i saw only hiking trails

  • LeGrig 2012.10.08.

    Hallo Astron2701
    1. I can not understand German. Better English or French.
    2. The track I put here does not deal with Moreni village. It is correct that on the final part to Pestera the average speed is 12-15 km/hr but you may see the traffic on the pictures - lots of family car. I was driving a VW Golf Variant.
    3. Many hiking trails indicated on the touristic maps are in fact forestry roads (macadam or stone covered). Only a few are well maintained.

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