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közel Posadas, Andalucía (España)

This route is designed for the subject Educación Mediática y Aplicaciones Didácticas de las TIC.

La Sierrezuela

We are going to start our trip at la Sierrezuela because there is a megalithic tomb, domen type to talk about the importance of preserving the heritage

Posadas aventura

We are going to stop in this point so that students can carry out activities and enjoy free time in the natural environment of the area. We will take advantage of this stop for the children to have a snack and a drink.

Pilas de Posadas

This stop will allow us to explain the differents uses of the water which comes from the cesspool at la Sierrezuela
Archaeological site

La Muralla

We are going to stop here to explain the historical background of this monument

Los Molinillos

We are going to show one of the oldest olive tree in the location and we are going to take advantage to explain mediterranean vegatation and the benefits of our local nourishment

Almodovar Castle

We stop to visit Almodovar Castle in order to explain the origin of the castle and the current uses it has.

La Breña (reservoir)

This stop will be used to talk about the importance of water and swamps near the towns. We will also explain the contamination of water trying to create awareness of that problem and its consequences.


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