1 335 m
-5 m
1 169
2 338
4 677,0 km

Megtekintve 7775 alkalommal, letöltve 68 alkalommal

közel Krasno Selo, София-град (България)

Acrossed Macedonia, Albania and cycled the roads that are near Creece coast. The expedition was with reserch mission "Life without garbage" and was a comparison between the coasts of Ionian sea, Sea of Crete, Aegean Sea and the Black sea. Made the reports and reserch of an exploratory view of lesions on a one way package and the reasons.

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  • Fénykép vyacheslav stoyanov

    vyacheslav stoyanov 2009.10.21.

    It's a really good destination. It’s hard for a cycling but nice for eyes. :)

  • juanuki 2009.10.21.

    amaizing travel, my friend

  • Fénykép vyacheslav stoyanov

    vyacheslav stoyanov 2009.10.21.

    See more about my expeditions on:

  • juanuki 2009.10.21.

    you have an email in your homepage

  • Fénykép vyacheslav stoyanov

    vyacheslav stoyanov 2009.11.20.


  • Fénykép vyacheslav stoyanov

    vyacheslav stoyanov 2009.12.03.

    hard work https://www.wikiloc.com/bicycle-touring-trails/cycle-greece-coast-2009-vyacheslav-stoyanov-581576/photo-163924

  • Fénykép Anderson

    Anderson 2010.03.19.

    Inspiring, thanks for sharing!


  • Fénykép mariamg

    mariamg 2010.05.09.

    We hope soon to pass by Barcelona.
    Very good rutilla (recored) Uff!


    ENERGICYCLING 2010.09.27.

    Bravo!! Amazing Greetings from Energicycling :-))))

  • realaxt 2012.05.09.

    Cool https://www.wikiloc.com/bicycle-touring-trails/cycle-greece-coast-2009-vyacheslav-stoyanov-581576/photo-163923

  • Fénykép megrim

    megrim 2013.04.18.

    congratz, i wanna try it, i am from istanbul. do you need suspension fork for this route?

  • Fénykép Lehoo

    Lehoo 2013.05.31.

    perfect trip. I am glad I found it! I live in Patras and I plan trip around Peloponnese and this is exactly what I wanted to follow :-D my congrats!!!

  • Fénykép VaSivinayak

    VaSivinayak 2015.01.19.

    very nice trail but difficult for me..haha.. I can see the condition of such long trip by looking your gloves. :) Best wishes..

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