165 m
53 m
20,74 km

Megtekintve 17 alkalommal, letöltve 2 alkalommal

közel Reducción Mayay, Los Ríos Region (Chile)

Optional Aside Trajectory off of the East Side of Lago Ranco Route.

Distance is actually x2 - this is just my outbound chart.
Closer to 26 miles all in all and 2140 elevation gain overall.
Left at 4 and was back by 6:45 on my exploration.
Ripio (dirt and compacted gravel) with great lake views and challenging hills.
Neat campground and beach-cove at the very end. Caves there are basalt collapse structures.

Glacial Striations!!!

Neat little ponds perched in small valley at 3/4.
2 rural schools. see pix


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