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közel Ladysmith, British Columbia (Canada)

The third segment of a two-day tour from downtown Vancouver across southern Vancouver Island and Saltspring Island. Includes a ferry segment from Crofton to Vesuvius. Ends on the ferry departing Fulford Harbour for Swartz Bay, with connections back to Vancouver.

this is the trird and final route of a two-day tour from downtown Vancouver across southern Vancouver Island and Saltspring Island. Starting from the hillside at Ladysmith, this track explores short trails around Ladysmith harbour and Holland Creek. It also explores Chemanus, a former logging center, known for its historical buildings and murals, and Ganges on Saltspring Island. The segment from Ganges to Fulford Harbour is the most hilly section of the entire tour.

The track finishes on the Fulford Harbour ferry, which connects to Swartz Bay and the ferry back to Vancouver. Alternatively, the tour can be extended in the direction of Victoria, by more fully exploring Saltspring Island, or by taking a ferry from Chemanus or Long Harbour to explore some of the other Gulf Islands.


Ther are many small coffee, cafe, or deli options on the central Ladysmith hillside, friendly gathering places where everyone seems to know each other. Downtown Ladysmith is mainly historical buildings from the early 1900's, the days of coal mining and logging. It is on a hillside overlooking the harbour and Gulf Islands.

town center

the main street

Ladysmith hillside

Buildings along an steep east-west cross street.

waterfront trail network

Short biking-walking trails of interest

Ladysmith harbour paths

There is an abandoned railway along the forest edge above the beach, converted to a walking path.

on the marina docks

A long pier with yachters, museum, restauraunt, antique boats. The nesting boxes along the docks are host to a significant Purple Martin colony.

around the harbour

Waterfront paths and quiet dirt roads immediately south of Ladysmith.

The Point

A very scenic location.

biking directions

There is a trail map at this location. The track crosses a railway and goes under the Island Highway, back to Ladysmith townsite. It then proceeds north a short distance back towards the town center, then west up one bock of a very steep hill (push is ok), and then south on a designated bike route towards the Holland Creek area.

Holland Creek trail network

The Holland Creek trails were briefly explored by this track. These are narrow forest paths, and it is nice and shady along Holland Creek. Access paths in and out of the Holland Creek valley are short but steep.

Port of Chemainus

At Chemainus ferry terminal. From here it is possible to extend the route by exploring some of the other Gulf Islands.

Chemanus beach

Boat launch and beach at low tide.

Chemanus Main Street

Chemanus is known for historical buildings, logging heritage, and murals.

Village of Crofton

At the ferry terminal, departing for Vesuvius on Saltspring Island.

Crofton-Vesuvius Ferry

A fellow bicyclist, from Alberta, on the ferry crossing, was doing fully loaded bicycle camping with an impressive route achievement so far.

Vesuvius, Saltspring Island

Arrival on Saltspring Island. Thre is a possibility for a lunch break on a patio deck with sun-shades, overlooking the ferry terminal.

Town of Ganges

At the dock for the float plane base.


walking paths along harbour side


around the waterfront

Depart Ganges Town

Starting up the first hill south of Ganges, looking back towards Ganges.


Apple orchard with a sea view
Információs pont

A long moderatley steep hill

On secondary roads heading south towards Fulford Harbour. This is the longest and steepest hill encountered.

Fulford Harbour

On the ferry departing for Swartz Bay and connection back to Vancouver. A humpback whale was spotted near the ferry terminal.

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