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  • Fénykép Lleida Essentials
  • Fénykép Lleida Essentials

Moving time  40 perc

Idõ  45 perc

Koordináták 1094

Uploaded 2019. augusztus 6.

Recorded augusztus 2019

239 m
153 m
9,81 km

Megtekintve 7 alkalommal, letöltve 1 alkalommal

közel Lleida, Catalunya (España)

This ride is a great option if you are in Lleida and have 45 minutes to kill or just want to stretch your legs.

It will take you through some of the landmarks in the city of Lleida that you can’t miss such as La Llotja, La Mitjana, Casc Antic, La Seu and La Suda Castle.

The climb to the top of the castle can be a bit demanding for those who are not used to cycling. It’s possible to take a lift all the way up from Plaça Sant Joan.

Doing this ride at dusk is a plus, sunset views from the top of the castle can be quite stunning on clear days.


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