11,83 km


844 m

Nehézségi szint



844 m

Max elevation

535 m



Min elevation

-28 m

Trail type


Moving time

3 óra 23 perc


11 óra 51 perc




2022. január 22.


január 2022

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535 m
-28 m
11,83 km

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közel Ḑāyah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Meeting point :


This canyon is considered as difficult due to the technicality of the drops as well as the foot work required.

The ascent is a bit tricky, specially at the first bit of it. You can get quite exposed when find the right path to climb up the first cliff. The rest of the ascent's quite easy to moderate.

The Canyon:

It consists of 8 drops described as below:

1- 30 m really clean drop with a small overhang. The rigging is very clear and you have enough space to spread you ropes.
2- 11m easy and clean one. There is a steel thread tied around a rock (safe to use)
3- 60m: (tricky one) comes in 3 pitches where you rappel 3 waterless pools and you end you with the big drop which end just at the next drop.(there is a fixed hangers with a chain and ring) it's tricky at the begining and requires some good understanding of abseiling and rope work.

4- 12m drop just after the 60m one. Again very clean and easy one. Fixed hangers to the left side.

5- 40m simliar to the 60m. It consists of 3 pitches 2 12 meters and end with the final 25 meters which lands you in a waterless pool.

6- 14m drop. Easy one but there are no hangers but an old rope that we found and fixed around a rock (safe to use) you have to look around to find the rope.

7- 55m a bit tricky but easier than the 60m. Some good foot work is required. You have to ensure not to put some much friction on the rope against the sharp edges. When abseiling, stick to the right side (from when you are facing the top)

8- 13m - the final one. The ugly one. It's tricky to go down as there are some trees in the middle of the drop. Stick to the wall between the hanging trees and you should be able to finish without hassle.

Leaving the canyon back to the parking point.

There are some big boulders and you will need to find your way around them (not easy but manageable). once you reach to the wadi path, the rest is quite an easy walk to the parking.

Note: the walking between the drops is a bit tricky and you will need to do some good scrambling to reach to the abseil point. Again, all manageable with good level of fitness.

Ensure to take no less than 6 liters of water and a head torch.

2 70m ropes are sufficient enough to cover all the drops.

I recommend to take a drill and bits just to be prepared for any situation.

Note: the canyon can be escaped between the 3rd and 4th drop from the left following all the way up to the power lines.

Time to finish: depending on the size of the group,but it can be from 8 to 12 hours.


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Top of mountain

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