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6,2 km


15 m

Nehézségi szint



1 241 m

Max elevation

2 035 m



Min elevation

809 m

Trail type

One Way




2022. január 18.


január 2022

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2 035 m
809 m
6,2 km

Megtekintve 137 alkalommal, letöltve 7 alkalommal

közel Ilnicë, Dibër (Albania)

The biking trail Hinoske - Ilnice – Melan has a length of about 6.4 km. To reach the starting point of the trail you are served by the auxiliary road Melan-Ilnice-Stanet e Fidallareve-Hinoske. You must have special offroad vehicles (4x4) or rent from interested persons who offer such a service. To rent tools you can contact Orgest (00355672735500) which is also a guide trained and certified according to the EOMTBing standard.
The starting point of the trail is located at the quota of 2045 m above sea level. The climb to the top of Hinoska starts in the village of Melan of the Melan Administrative Unit and follows the gravel road to the village of Ilnice. During the climb you will enjoy the beauties and the landscape of the area where the trails lie. Shrub-based forests and rocks give value and pleasure to climbing to your destination. From the village of Ilnice the road continues and climbs towards the tents of the Fidallars, contemplating the beauty and diversity of the flora encountered along this segment. At the Fidallari sheeperhouse you can enjoy livestock products rich in cattle milk production grazing in the mountains richest in vegetation in the region.
In these sheeperhouses also offered the hospitality service in the guest house of Hatem Fida. Immediately after that, you can continue climbing to the top of Hinoska through the pastures that create amazing sensations of spaces full of charm and relief full of delicacy. The area is very rich in medicinal plants such as primroses, berries, mountain tea, blueberries, etc., where the community of the area uses them for their own purposes.
When you reach almost near the top of Hinoska somewhere along the road meets the state border with Northern Macedonia. After five minutes you will be at the starting point towards the trail.
Once you have enjoyed the 360 ° view from both places, you can start your journey on this trail. With a length of 6.2 km the trail is suitable for cyclists with experience above average adventure cycling. This trail has features which are typical for mountain biking.
Starting from 2045 m and desceding to 811 m a.s.l, the trail passes through the mountains for a distance of about one kilometer with a relatively sloping terrain and then the level of difficulty begins to increase along its entire length.
The trail in general is in condition and suitable for more experienced mountain bikers, however in some places it could be appropriate also for moderate experienced mountain bikers
The trail passes in some parts of it passes through the forest and then runs through the village following the pedestrian trail almost along its entire length. In the village of Ilnice of 120 inhabitants you can make a stop to look at the mosque in its center, to cool off in the fountain and to communicate with the inhabitants of this village. The trail continues down to the Ilnice village and further down to Melan. The lower the trail goes, more established it is due to the everyday use of local inhabitants. The trail goes along the gravel road (which it also crosses at several occasions) via which the transportation to the starting point is possible.
Along the route Ilnice - Melan, the trail interrupts several times the road of cars and for this reason you are informed through the signs that signal the road junctions. You will also have information about the direction of the trail and your location at each entry point from the road to the biking trail.


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