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4,14 km


79 m

Nehézségi szint



629 m

Max elevation

1 571 m



Min elevation

1 179 m

Trail type

One Way




2022. január 18.


január 2022

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1 571 m
1 179 m
4,14 km

Megtekintve 58 alkalommal, letöltve 1 alkalommal

közel Tejas, Dibër (Albania)

This trail is the most distant trail from others, however it is located in the proximity of renowned Radomire village with rich natural and cultural heritage.
To go towards the path there are two possibilities from Peshkopi if you come form North Macedonia and from Kukes if you come from Kosovo. Radomira is located almost in the middle of the road Peshkopi – Kukes.
The access the starting point of the trail is possible via the road that goes up from Ujemire village. Trail divides from the gravel road and initially has a short descent down the existing path. Nevertheless the path soon ends in the ditch of small stream that needs to be crossed. From there on there is no path up to the starting point of the descent.
The coordinates of the starting point of the path are 41 ° 49'37.8 "N 20 ° 28'46.7" E. The height of the starting point is 1607 m a.s.l and the end point is 1192 a.s.l passing through the tall pine trees by bicycle on a path with a length of 3094 m. An interesting trail that has different riding surface and scenery from other trails in the proposed trail system. It is also much shorter from other trails. The length of this trail is First part of the trail is not existing, and bike should be pushed towards the start of the descent.
It is very pleasure to stay and plan your activities in the field surrounded by pines in the middle of the trail. In the same time you can visit the black lake closed to this field.
Most of the trail is then suitable for moderately skilled mountain bikers, however the last section is rough and demanding and would need your attention during biking. All in all an interesting option for future development. In the future it could be with certain adaptations a trail for less experienced mountain bikers, especially in connection with the visit of Radomire.
In the lower part the trail comes out of the forest and this is also the part of the trail that is more rough and prone to erosion that is why it also requires most attention. Trail in the end connects to the road that leads towards Radomire.
After finishing your tour at this trail a visit in the center of the village will be very interested for you where the product diaries, natural, cultural and traditional values can be presented for you in this area.
This area is located closed to Korabi mountain the highest in Albania. If you like hiking you there is experienced peoples who can guide you to the top of this mountain.


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