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Hello all,

I repeat a question here that I have posted as a remark on an unanswered question from beginning of September, hoping someone is picking it up...

This summer, I hiked through the Swiss Alps, and I noticed that smaller rivers and streams are not included in the offline map of Switserland (though visible in OpenStreetMap) + some changes long adapted in OpenstreetMap are not shown on the (recently downloaded) map op Switzerland.

So my question is double
1) how often do you refresh the offline maps/can you as a user be notified on this?
2) is there a way to create your own offline Wikiloc-maps, based on some OpenStreetmap export format?

Thanks for your answers,


Trails from Peter Dequidt
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Dear peter
This was happen for me many times, but remember that offline maps was captured with camera of satellite and some rivers (narrow) cannot seen according of the angle of recording and reflex pattern. If you refer the google earth pictures you will have the same problem, but open street maps are virtual but very clear and exact with very complicated mechanism. so I use open street maps as well as open cycle maps rather than offline maps and commend you do the same

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