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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with online maps in Wikiloc app on my Samsung android phone.
When I search and open a track (via internet) the track shows on my screen but neither of online maps (satellite and terrain google maps) shows. It's just grey area under the GPS track.

The app obviously connects to internet (as I can search for tracks) but won't show neither of the online maps available.

It does offer offline maps for my region but I would very much prefer to use satellite images for exploring the region.

The same problem (no online maps) shows when I try to record my trail.

The app version I'm using is the latest one at the time of writing this post - 3.2.9-264

Thank you in advance for your help.

Trails from jiggiebau
PostPosted: 11 May 2018, 15:03 Reply with quote Report this post
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Hi jiggiebau,

Try to update Google Play Services. Google Play services provides maps to apps like Wikiloc.
Recently Google has rolled up a new version with many changes.

Updating this service maps will be shown.


Trails from jose-molina
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I try with 2 smartphone, GOOGLE PLAY SERVICE IS THE SAME VERSION FOR BOTH, but on my smartphone the map on line are white , on the other the map are showed.

Trails from walterz
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Hello, I have the same problem. Occurred in the last two weeks, I'm using Android on Huawei mobile. I un installed the app and installed again, but maps don't show up

Trails from Gordan Papac
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I have updated also Google play services but still no maps show k in Wikilos App. Meanwhile when I look Wikiloc on my mobile on Chrome, I have maps.

Trails from Gordan Papac
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