107 m
14 m
6,43 km

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közel Manipala, Karnātaka (India)

Take End Point Road, go in the north direction until Perampalli Nekkar Road, here turn left and keep going for 800 meters. When you get a paved road, called Vinayk Temple road turn right and keep going for 1600 meters until get the Vinayk temple, in the riverbank. You can see the beautiful spot at the Suverna riverbank and the temple. Then you should go back around 150 meters and take a single-track to the left. This path goes uphill with a fence in its left side. Here there's a high slope and you have to keep going until arriving to End Point Park. get to a paved road which goes through a beautiful park where many people walk and play sports. This is a road that takes you back to Manipal.


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