cressey camino

Moving time  4 óra 2 perc

Idõ  11 óra 45 perc

Koordináták 3827

Uploaded 2018. június 26.

Recorded június 2018

270 m
190 m
31,26 km

Megtekintve 36 alkalommal, letöltve 3 alkalommal

közel Sopronkövesd, Győr-Moson-Sopron megye (Magyarország)

Ran out of battery so second half not mapped
Here you take a right turn ... on the road less travelled!
Keep going straight ahead
Turn right along edge of field
Turn right towards the silver water tower
Buses are available from Und to Sopron and elsewhere
Turn left along the field edge ... scrubby and overgrown!!
Part of the old Iron Curtain
Adventure rope park
Continue on the bike path to the right


    You can or this trail