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közel Winchcombe, England (United Kingdom)

This walk takes you from the Sudeley Castle car park (free parking) to the ruins of a Roman Villa. The ruins are significantly overgrown, so there isn't that much to see. But, to our surprise there was a tin roof over the remains of a small section of original mosaics. The mosaics are protected by black plastic, held down by stones. Some notes we found at the site suggested lifting the plastic to see the mosaics and then replace it and the associates stones.

The most difficult part of the navigation is finding the track at the point marked 'Deviated'. The path goes through a field of what looked like wheat, not down the fence line which is where you would be expecting it to go. We walked down the fence line, which it looked like a lot of other people had done.

Once we got to 'Rejoin Path' it was obvious where we should have been. The map shows the correct path going almost directly from 'Deviated' to 'Rejoin Path', however, we failed to find it in the direction we were traveling.

Sudeley Castle Parking

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Roman Villa

Not a lot to see due to the weed growth. There are some walls and other stone work that are part of the villa.

Rejoin Path

This is where we clearly rejoined the correct path.
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There are a few electric fences with crossing like this.


Take time here to locate the correct path. A later look at the map shows that this is where we deviated from the correct path.


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