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közel La Frua, Piemonte (Italia)

Walking - Toce Waterfall (Cascate del Toce).

Tucked in the northernmost portion of Piemonte, the Toce Waterfall is the second highest in Europe and one among the most dramatic. The Toce river carved the narrow "V" shaped Formazza Valley which shows off its dark granite substance to the visitor. Upstream from the waterfall, a dam collects the Toce waters for hydroelectric purposes in the Morasco Lake and the waterfall in full swing can only be seen at given hours during which the "tap" is kept open.
NOTE: the above is valid in between the first Sunday of June and the last Sunday of September. During this time frame the waterfall is always "open" between 11,30 AM and 1,30 PM. For precise schedule and extended operating hours, refer to the website here below.
A couple of bars/restaurants are located next to the waterfall and one more (Walser Schtuba) can be found in Frua. A walk to the dammed lake is a pleasant occasion to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Website: http://www.valformazza.it/cascata-toce.php

This part of Piedmont hosts the Walser community and, apart from the waterfall attraction, it offers a chance to experience the archaic German language spoken here.

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