1 359 m
796 m
17,36 km

Megtekintve 616 alkalommal, letöltve 5 alkalommal

közel Colle, Marche (Italia)

Vallecupa di Fiastra-Fiegni-up to summit mount fiegni (1330)-down to summit of Lame Rosse-back to Fiegni & Vallecupa
completing the loop

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  • Fénykép valle69

    valle69 2014.10.29.

    Nice run from my home up to mt. FIEGNI, then trying to go down to Lame Rosse ... but had to take another path to go back. On the small canyon all the way down to lame rosse there are several "jumps" and one of almost 10m which would be too dangerous to try descend alone ...

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