4 201 m
2 748 m
41,22 km

Megtekintve 385 alkalommal, letöltve 2 alkalommal

közel Aspendell, California (United States)


climbing shoes and a small rope can be helpful, V.

more info: http://www.summitpost.org/evolution-traverse/793168

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  • Fénykép markmcla

    markmcla 2014.04.22.

    WOW! That's an impressive route. -I can't imagine doing that in 8-14 hours. Good for you! This must have been a memorable adventure!

    I know this is a dry year, but it's only April so I just assumed that there would be too much snow to hike over those high mountain passes. Did you encounter lots of snow?

  • Fénykép markmcla

    markmcla 2014.04.22.

    Once the snow melts enough so that it's possible hike over the Lamarck Col, I want to hike to Evolution Valley. This is much less technical than the route you posted.

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