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közel Earls Cove, British Columbia (Canada)

The Queen stage of Earls Cove to Sechelt in the BC Bike Race is often the most tactile of all the stages. Bodies are beginning to feel the aches, pains, and euphoric effects of three days of trail riding. The forest texture changes from the extra lush first three days to a crispness that tells the tale of a dryer understory when tires press into loamy trails minus the moisture content. Visually the eyes are constantly adjusting to a white light piercing through the forest canopy, causing a dappled effect that often feels more like riding in a club with a strobe light and disco ball. By day four the bike, body, and trail are starting to become one unit dancing together between the start and finish lines.

Today's sea level start from the Earls Cove Ferry terminal gave the climbers a chance to make an early impact on the race before traversing the upper elevations of the Sunshine Coast. Over the years this has proven to be a stage where moves are made and the race can often shift in a new direction towards a rider who has been playing their cards close.

The riders with experience have been keeping something in the tank to get over this midweek hump and to start attacking those who burnt a little too bright in the early stages. Energy management is a critical part of stage racing and the inexperienced often pay with a stage or two when their bodies automatically go into preservation mode. It's the pro's at the front of the race who know the knife's edge most intimately and their calculations get sharper every year. Many things can go wrong and knowing how to handle adversity is the mark of experience and a lesson you are forced to confront during seven days of mountain biking some of British Columbia's finest singletrack.


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