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345 m

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151 m



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90 m

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One Way




2021. április 12.


április 2021
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151 m
90 m
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közel Peredmistna Slobidka, Kyiv City (Ukraine)

A long but one-day trip alongside the left bank of the Kýiv Reservoir to Slavutyč (Славутич) railway station.
After Vyšhorod (Вишгород) the route follows the 40-km long dam up to the village Rovži (Ровжі), before entering a sandy but well-beaten dirt road through the forest. Here there are some picturesque views on the bank of Kýiv Reservoir, and the forest itself is very pleasant. After 12 km, the track goes out on an old stone road, which in the Empire times connected the town Oster and a village Straxoliśśa (Страхолісся) on the other bank of the Dnieper. This road is in a good condition, but it's much easier to ride along a forest track going parallel to it. One of the remarkable sites here is a 500-year old oak, over 6 m in girth (Kosačivśký oak or Косачівський дуб).
Soon the forest ends near a long half-inhabited village Lošakova Huta (Лошакова Гута), and here we take a turn to the North towards the village Sorokošyči (Сорокошичі). During the next 24 km the road passes 4 more villages, and first resembles a perfect highway, but eventually gets more and more broken before turning into sandy track at the end. Anyway, this interval is quite comfortable to ride, and most villages upon the way also have groceries. This part of the way goes along the Western edge of a large forest massif of Mižričynśký Regional Landscape Park (Міжрічинський РЛП), and in Sorokošyči we eventually enter the wood.
At first the forest road is relatively easy to ride, but after almost half-way (when it reaches the spring Božok) the amount of sand gets much higher and in many cases you have to walk. This is arguably the hardest part of the route, lasting about 4 km.
From the next village Vasyleva Huta there starts the civilization: here the road is of a good quality, and there are more vehicles upon the way. It will eventually go out on a highway to Černihiv and from there to Slavutyč, but before that it might be also worth making a short loop to the bank of the Dnieper either in one of the passed villages, or near the bridge to Belarus.



Шлюз на обхідному каналі


Косачівський дуб


Джерело Божок


Сорокошицький ліс

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