2 165 m
753 m
46,98 km

Megtekintve 3753 alkalommal, letöltve 56 alkalommal

közel Thumersbach, Salzburg (Austria)

A MTB tour to Hundstein peak (2117 m) which is the highest peak available by bike in Zell Am See - Kaprun region.

We start in the center of Thumersbach. It is 5 km from Zell Am See and 9 km from Kaprun via Tauernradweg.

We climb gradually on asphalt, then from 1400 m on the gravel road, very well maintained. At about 1700 the track is less steep for about 3 km, so we can rest a little before the final summit section. At 1950 m a technical singletrack begins, where we had to push our bikes.

On the top of Hundstein there is a Statzer-Haus mountain hut with restaurant, where one can rest overlooking landscapes of High Tauern and Berchtesgaden to the north.

On the way down we follow gravel roads to Maria Alm. The path to Maria Alm is more crowded with hikers, so please be careful on descent and give the right of way to them. We also have to cross the electric gates in the fences.

After reaching the valley we turn in the Tauernradweg, with little cars and idyllic villages.

If you want to reach the Hundstein summit on bicycle without the need to push a bike, take the opposite direction. Path from Maria Alm is rideable on its entire length.

3 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép Marian Cibira

    Marian Cibira 2019.03.18.

    Beautifull...this year want make this route.

  • Fénykép zenonkition

    zenonkition 2019.03.19.

    Yes, there are beautiful views from the trail and from the summit. Trail can be made on a hardtail almost with no hopping off the bike.

  • Fénykép Marian Cibira

    Marian Cibira 2019.03.19.

    Great :-)

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