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közel Barnes, England (United Kingdom)

Not content with just doing the London to Brighton road ride, I want to do it off road all the way!!

If we cycle to Waterloo very early in the morning and get a train to Barnes station, then start from there.

From Barnes Station we begin by going through Richmond Park then on to the Thames for a while before breaking off through the countyside, encountering two quite large hills between 640ft and 720ft but is set in stunning surroundings.

We eventually join the Downslink outside Guildford and follow most of this route except for the end, where instead of following the coast road, we climb Beeding Hill and rise over 640ft before dropping into Brighton and back to the mainline station.

Join me if you fancy a challenge. It is 75miles and we plan to do it in one day and get the train back to London.

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  • kellyllek 2016.03.01.

    Hi Ian, did you ever do this route and what are your thoughts?

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