42,56 km


1 561 m

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1 561 m

Max elevation

932 m


49 5

Min elevation

10 m

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2016. november 24.
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3 hozzászólás
932 m
10 m
42,56 km

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közel Málaga, Andalucía (España)

B2m MTB-Fuente climb Part I

The Bike2malaga MTB-Fuente Climb -Part I- is the Mountainbike way to climb to Fuente de la Reina

- difficulty medium (chance to go back on a easy way after 680hm)
- 2 times possibility to find little shops open (in case they are open, mostly they are)
- 75% wide nice easy offroad gravel roads, 25% asphalt
- 1st half only uphill (~21km/890hm), 2nd half only downhill (~21km/-890hm)
- option to stop at Mirador Del Cochino (viewing point)

Perfect for the warm up, we start close to our shop arround plaza de la marina and take the carril bici, which you can find at the capital road Alameda principal.
(we will follow carril bici until it ends in the north of Malaga)
We follow in direction west, crossin the mostly dry river Guadal Medina.
After passing corte ingles we do a right turn to the north and keep following the carril bici to the Football Stadium of Malaga.
Here the carril bici change the sides of the river, but continue leading north. After some 5min of riding to north the carril bici ends in front of a sports center.
(Polideportivo Ciudad Jardin).
Here you hop on the street to the westside of the sports center and you keep following north.
After some 300m following north you ll find a gasstation.
Turn right (east) and follow ~100m untill u come into a roundabout traffic which you leave at the 3rd exit (north).
Keep following this road, while crossing over the Highway A-7.
Paralell to the highway A-45 you follow untill the next crossing.
At this crossing we go to the right/east (left is leading down the A-45 to the entrance of the Botanic Garden of Malaga).
With our legs perfecely warmed up, from here the nonstop uphill untill fuente de la reina starts.

1. leaving the city
After crossing some last houses, the asphalt ends. Now you will start to dive deeper and deeper into the awesome Natural Park Montes de Malaga.
The lovely odor from the typical pine trees you will notice in seconds. While you ride on wide nice gravel roads continuously climbing up, slowly your level of adrenaline raises.
The next 680m hight meters and about 11km you will become highjacked from the stunning nature of andalucia while doing nice bike sports.

2. A-7000/Venta de Detalle
After that mentioned distance @ 680m you will arrive to the bikers well known asphalt road A-7000.
(-in case you have a problem or you feel not good enough to continue, here you can take the A-7000 as a easy way back to the city of Malaga-)
If you look down the asphalt road, there you can find a little restaurant/shop called Venta el Detalle.
In case you need to buy something or want have a little rest (better you do the rest after the last 300hm ;).

Here in the easier - Part I - of B2M MTB-Fuente Climb we do the ultimate 300 up meters to the fuente on asphalt.
So, following up, we will arrive after some last 3km at the Fuente de la Reina...

3. Fuente De La Reina
Far away from the city you can watch back to your climb and also here you ll find a perfect spot for doing a litte well earned brake.
You can also find a Restaurante/Bar, where you again can buy some drinks or have a little snack.

4. Mirador Del Cochino
After you decided to go back, now here you can do a small excursion to the Mirador Del Cochino. The beautiful Viewing point of the Montes de Malaga.
For that you do a right turn after the first 1km down. You will arrive to the statue of the famous wild boar at the Mirador (viewing point) where you can enjoy the view.

Then keep going down the last 2km on the A-7000 and go back again into the offroad part of the Montes.
Even if you came up the same way, be here carefull and make sure you wear your helmet perfect.
Now its time to enjoy the next 20-30 min. a steady down going way back to the city.

After you came out of the Montes de Malaga we follow the carril bici the same way back to the Plaza de la Marina and the Bike2malaga shop.

If you enjoyed this ride, have a look to Part II. It is a bit more difficlut because the last 300hm/km we do not go up on asphalt. There its leading up all the way in the Montes.

Have fun while you ride, stay save and sportive. Please respect the nature and surroundings.

Greetings, your bike2malaga Team.

1. leaving the city

  • Fénykép 1. leaving the city

2. A-7000/Venta el Detalle

In case you are not fit today or you need to cancel the uphill, you can go by useing the A-7000 fast and save back down to the city.

3. Fuente De La Reina

  • Fénykép 3. Fuente De La Reina

4. Mirador Del Cochino

  • Fénykép 4. Mirador Del Cochino

3 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép DoppelB

    DoppelB 2017. nov. 8.

    Petty nicke trip enyoining the landscape and the awesome sight !

  • Fénykép bike2malaga

    bike2malaga 2017. nov. 9.

    Hola DoppelB,

    thank you for your comment. We are happy if you have enjoyed that trail.

    Gracias y saludos from Malaga.

    flow rider ;)

  • Fénykép DoppelB

    DoppelB 2017. nov. 11.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    Petty nicke trip enyoining the landscape and the awesome view arround!

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