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62,73 km

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közel Dhobighat, Central Region (Nepal)

This route was a foot trail, until Tribhuwan Highway was built in 1956, which was the only access to the southern plains for Kathmandu Denizens. In its heyday,s it was one of the most vibrant route to traverse. It saw many royalties, foreign dignitaries, essential goods, even vehicles hauled by mighty porters. An hours uphill walk from Thankot would take one to the pass that overlooks the magnificent Himalayas on one side and the snaking trail dotted with beautiful villages on the other. Little further lies the village of Chitlang, predominantly inhabited by Newars. This sleepy town is the remnant of the Nepals vibrant past. Markhu is another quaint settlement overlooking Kulekhani River that feeds into the Kulekhani Dam. After crossing the dam and scaling the slopes of Chisapani gadi, one would walk down to the rustic village of Bhimphedi to catch a lorry that connected them to the Souther plains and further to India by train. Traces of the past is replete in the rustic lifestyle of the locals frolicking around. It makes a great days walk or cycling adventure.

The route presented here turns back to Kathmnadu from Kulekhani via Phakhel & Humane bhanjyang. Total distance upto Kathmandu is approximately 90 kms, roundtrip. The last part of the GPS trail is missing. But the remaining path is easy to navigate.


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