1 913 m
742 m
49,04 km

Megtekintve 3259 alkalommal, letöltve 64 alkalommal

közel Atzing, Salzburg (Austria)

The tour starts and ends in Maishofen. For the warmup we ride along Tauernradweg bike road to Gerling, where we turn left. In Bergen the uphill to Orgengaueralm starts. Each sharp turn on the road is marked with the number. At the last, 16th sign we turn right (to the south).

Gravel road climbs gradually. Only in one place, beside the Jahnhutte we have to lower about 200m and then climb it again. Beside that there is only one sharper but short climb not far from the Asitzkopf summit.

Asitzkopf summit offers picturesque panoramas to the south (Grossglockner group) and to the north (Leoganger Steinberge and Berchtesgaden ranges). Below the summit there is a restaurant, where you can rest after.

From that point we ride down to the Glemmtal valley, and the smoothly along the Glemmtalradweg (bike road) to Maishofen. In front of the church in Maishofen there was a small christmas tree mounted on the top of very tall pole. WTF is the purpose of this - I just don't know.


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