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  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride
  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride
  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride
  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride
  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride
  • Fénykép Ramkhamhaeng klong ride

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Uploaded 2012. szeptember 2.

Recorded szeptember 2012

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25 m
-23 m
26,22 km

Megtekintve 1570 alkalommal, letöltve 10 alkalommal

közel บางกะปี, กรุงเทพฯ (ไทย)

Ramkhamhaeng klong ride

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  • Fénykép huat888

    huat888 2015.09.15.

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    Interesting to see the other part of Thailand and it's fun for a half day ride.. finding the correct path without gps is challenging too..

    Beware of the "Prawet" section right after "Thap Chang Bon" of the canal ride. Please note that there are construction of the cement pathways along the canal and they have temporary "wooden planks" for walking..

    Advice would be walking at this section or take the opposite side of the canal.

  • mushepea 2017.11.15.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Begin at bridge over klong at sukumvit soi 3, there is no path further down. Keep to L side until the canal lock. They are making new pathway near Italthai tower on R Bank (may be finished by now). Cross to R side at the lock about 2km on (a lot of steps but only 1 choice here). I usually return to L bank over one of the arch bridges soon after here just below rangkampaeng as there's a water treatment plant on L which is narrow, must walk through, but you can't ride. There are numerous small steps over pipes and streams where you must carry your bike over, it gets tiring after 4 or 5 hours. But you can get along the klong for about 25km. After the last river taxi stop (approx rangkampaeng soi 40) you can carry on along either side, but the L is the longest so get over to that side as R just ends in a couple of km. There is new pathway here for a few km, but eventually the new pathway stops and becomes just concrete slabs out in the klong, missing in parts with wood over. I stop at this point as I don't fancy falling into that dirty water. There is a park after klong path ends which you can ride around. It takes a while to find the correct route, but turn down the trail or small soi,then turn R.
    I usually ride back the same way. BEWARE DOGS! I've been chased by a few dogs usually near houses along the klong side. To the end and back usually takes 4 or 5 hours, take plenty water. There are some places to buy water. Use sun block.
    Have fun. Andy.

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