444 m
56 m
52,57 km

Megtekintve 3883 alkalommal, letöltve 56 alkalommal

közel Pastida, South Aegean (Greece)

Starts from the small church after Arion palace. Just after Maritsa's village you turn left on a dirt road that climbs up the hill. You meet the small church on the asphalt street and just behind, you continue the fire road that leads you a bit higher. One klm after the army camp on the asphalt street, turn right on the dirt road. When you reach the "Alexander" kiosk on the top of the hill, take the direction to the monastery and leave the road on the first left cross with some cement on the ground. On a characteristic cross of 3 roads, choose the middle one and stay on the left direction. On the 2nd goats farm, turn left and continue left until Eleousa village. You leave the asphalt again 50 meters after Ag.Soulas


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