2 088 m
933 m
28,46 km

Megtekintve 3688 alkalommal, letöltve 53 alkalommal

közel Ingelsberg, Salzburg (Austria)

The target of the trip is the summit of Schattberg-West (2096 m).

We start in Jausern id the Glemmtal valley 4 km lower from Saalbach centre. We ride in the south direction along the Lonersbach stream. After 2.7 km trail starts to wind. We reach the height relatively fast, the trail goes between meadows and far panoramas are visible.

At 1710 we can stop for a rest at Limbergalm. About 1.5 km past Limgergalm there is a crossing (marked as Rammernmweg crossing). The road to the left goes directly to Schattberg West and is probably less steep than the road we took.

On the crossing we took the right direction which guides to the saddle between Schatberg West and Ost (East) summits. Road from the saddle to Schattberg West is very steep (about 30%) so it is hard to even push the bike.

From the Schattberg West summit spread magnificent panoramas: to High Tauern, Berchtesgaden, Hundstein group.

From the rop we take the downhill X-trail which is a part of Big 5 Bike Challenge. This is the most technically demanding part of the trail. Downhill trail ends at Hacklbergeralm, where we take wide gravel road.
In Hinteglemm we rode through a road tunnel, which was not clever nor safe. Don't do that! Better ride through the center of Hinterglemm.

The track ends with smooth ride along the Glemmtalradweg to the starting point.



Hinterglemm tunnel




Rammernweg crossing


Schattberg saddle


Schattberg West


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