1 211 m
904 m
8,86 km

Megtekintve 865 alkalommal, letöltve 1 alkalommal

közel Stechelberg, Kanton Bern (Swiss Confederation)

Lauterbrunnen Valley very scenic cliffs/ waterfalls/ green slopes. First part is fine- easy; up path and road then down the wanderweg- take care for walkers and yield right of way. Second section is a very steep climb up Schwendi. We contemplated going up to Gimmelwald but turned around at base of the steep hiking trail, it would be a hike-a-bike for maybe only ~200m though. Last section is not allowed for bikes (we thought red circle w/ bike in it was ok, north america would have a slash through it) but logs inset into trail for a stepped trail all the way down- it's actually pretty ridable (and pretty fun) for expert riders, hence the rating assigned, but probably better to avoid the trouble.


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