• Fénykép 2015-05-04 槍穂 3/4 横尾-涸沢テント場
  • Fénykép 2015-05-04 槍穂 3/4 横尾-涸沢テント場

Idõ  2 óra 43 perc

Koordináták 527

Uploaded 2015. május 6.

Recorded május 2015

2 412 m
1 728 m
5,48 km

Megtekintve 260 alkalommal, letöltve 10 alkalommal

közel Nakasaki, Gifu (Japan)

Day 3:

A night spent under light rain and a late rise for a late start around 9 AM.
After a change of plan due to storms at high altitude we were targeting Karasawa campsite just 3 hours from Yokoo.

Clouds and light rain, nothing much to see or comment on except a few kids some not even 6 years old, I wondered if they slept in tent...

We pitched the tent around noon and tried to dry as much equipment as we could around the stove in the hut.

Overall a rainy transition day between two main objectives, only 2 crappy pictures.


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