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Uploaded 2013. november 6.

Recorded augusztus 2010

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7 496 m
5 762 m
9,7 km

Megtekintve 2829 alkalommal, letöltve 92 alkalommal

közel Kandav (Tajikistan)

Pik Ismoil Somoni is the new name of Pik Kommunizma - Communism Peak, highest summit of the former Soviet Union, ranking 50th in the list of highest mountains of the world.
From the climbing point of view, it is said to be far less demanding (if taken, of course, by its normal route) than the only 60 metres lower Pik Pobeda, located in the Tien Shan.
My recording of the ascent starts only at the top of the Borodkin ridge. Namely, I had taken the GPS only for safety reasons and not with the intention of publishing the track. On the Borodkin thare were no chances of loosing the route, since many expeditions had already worked on it, creating a very clear trail also endowed with many flags and fixed ropes.
The top of the pillar is formed by the snow-caps called "Grudi", Russian word for "breasts". From there one descends to the huge Pamir Firnovo Plato, before climbing the whole north ridge of Pik Dushanbe.
From there, one tackles the final push to the top, with a long oblique ascent above the dark summit rocks, leading to a saddle at 7410 m. From there, the summit is close, although the ridge demands some care.
The recorded track ends with the subsequent descent to the last camp, because I had no further batteries with me.

For a deeper understanding, a glance at the linked album is recommended.
This album has been also linked in a very informative site Die Berge des Himalaya

The following panoramas, complete with descriptions, could also be useful:
- A camp with a view: shows the Somoni peak from Camp 6300 on the Korjenevskaya;
- Camp one, late afternoon :taken from Camp 5300 on the Borodkin ridge;
- A sunset close to the sky: a view from 7100 metres taken during the descent.

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Saddle, 7410

The point where the route reaches the summit ridge

Sunset photo, 7105

Place where I took interesting sunset pictures, during the descent, as the weather was slowly clearing. The panorama "A sunset close to the sky" in on PPH.

Last yellow flag

The last flag that had been positioned by a big Iranian expedition. It was placed on the lowest rocks of the summit pyramide, at the beginning of the steep ascent to the summit ridge.

Grudi, 6070

Top of the Borodkin pillar.

PFP 5810

Lowest point between Grudi and Dushanbe ridge.
táborhely, kemping

Camp 5870

The camp on the PFP, not far from the flank of Pik Dushanbe.
táborhely, kemping

Camp 6585

The camp halfway on the ridge of Pik Dushanbe
táborhely, kemping

Camp 6990

The camp on Pik Dushanbe. From there a virtually horizontal ridge leads to the final ascent.

Pik Somoni, 7495

The summit, where I saw and photographed only clouds. You can also see a rendering of the summit panorama that I could not see.

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  • ferlopez 2014.02.05.

    Muchas gracias por compartir este track que seguro nos sera de gran utilidad en nuestro viaje de este año

  • Fénykép Alberto Pedrotti

    Alberto Pedrotti 2014.03.20.

    Thank you. Of course, in the sections with seracs you will need some variation!

  • Fénykép José Rolo de Sousa

    José Rolo de Sousa 2015.01.20.

    Nice photos.

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