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közel Bāsh Kalāteh, North Khorasan (Iran)

As a part of our long track to Mashad City, we had a climb and tour around Qorgut Peak which is a very beautiful mount. The old and stout-looking trees give a very unique view to this mount and climbing it is very enjoyable. Due to very dense fog after the altitude of 2000 we climbed only up to its blades and cancelled climbing the last 150 meters. Then we had a tour round it and returned by the main path. It was one of my most enjoyable climbs.
صعود حاضر فقط تا ارتفاع 2600 و تیغه ی دیواره ها بوده و سپس گشتی در اطراف و برگشت. این مسیر تا خود قله قورقوت نمی باشد و حاوی مسیر اضافی است.

To-be-continued straight

Coords: 37.444874, 56.484116 Elevation: 2398 m Time: Nov 2, 2019 14:48:22

Qorqut Blade

Coords: 37.447693, 56.476463 Elevation: 2627 m Time: Nov 2, 2019 11:19:37


Coords: 37.419144, 56.49027 Elevation: 1628 m Time: Nov 2, 2019 06:22:22


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