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Koordináták 1557

Uploaded 2010. május 4.

Recorded március 2010

1 217 m
554 m
18,84 km

Megtekintve 5824 alkalommal, letöltve 6 alkalommal

közel Klecienko, Województwo dolnośląskie (Polska)

We started our trip to the Snieznik mountain (1425 m) on Friday (March 19th). First we got a bus to Stronie Slaskie, then we put the rucksacks on our backs and continued our journey on foot. After a 4 kilometres’ walk we stopped to visit museum of earth. Next there was the remarkable Bear’s Cave on our schedule.
After the amazing tour through the cave we had to get back our route. It took several hours of scrambling up the steep slope through the snow before we got to the “Na Sniezniku” chalet (just below the top of the mountain), where we were spending two following nights.
Next day there was excursion to the top of the mountain and round. After dinner we went to search for a hunters’ hut, which was very difficult to find in the forest covered with thick layer of snow – every few steps some of us stuck in it as deep as waist, and it took some time to dig him or her out. Finally we managed to find the hut, though it turned out we went there in circles.
Sunday was the last day of the trip. We packed and left the chalet climbing down the mountain. On our way we visited Wolf’s fall – second biggest waterfall in Polish Sudety Mountains. Then by bus and by train we returned to Swidnica – very tired, but extremely happy to have experienced such a marvellous trip.

19-MAR-10 9:07:55AM. Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia.
19-MAR-10 9:23:17AM
19-MAR-10 9:59:07AM. Jaskinia Niedżwiedzia
19-MAR-10 10:31:46AM
19-MAR-10 2:05:55PM
19-MAR-10 3:35:14PM
20-MAR-10 9:54:06AM. Schronisko
20-MAR-10 10:16:31AM
20-MAR-10 10:36:43AM
20-MAR-10 10:37:07AM
20-MAR-10 10:38:20AM
20-MAR-10 10:52:48AM
20-MAR-10 11:37:55AM
20-MAR-10 1:28:14PM
20-MAR-10 1:53:58PM
20-MAR-10 2:18:22PM
20-MAR-10 2:33:30PM
20-MAR-10 2:58:04PM
20-MAR-10 3:25:56PM
20-MAR-10 4:01:08PM
21-MAR-10 9:25:09AM
21-MAR-10 11:03:40AM
21-MAR-10 11:29:03AM
21-MAR-10 12:20:53PM


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