3,53 nm


1 m

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1 m

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2 m



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0 m

Trail type

  • Fénykép Kepi i Rodonit
  • Fénykép Kepi i Rodonit
  • Fénykép Kepi i Rodonit
  • Fénykép Kepi i Rodonit




2012. október 31.


október 2012

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2 m
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3,53 nm

Megtekintve 4901 alkalommal, letöltve 5 alkalommal

közel Shetaj, Durrës (Albania)

North from Gjiri Lalzit (Bay) is the Kepi i Rodonit (cape). The Cape is between two bays, Lalzit in the south and Gjiri Rodonit in the north.

The idea was just around the Kepi i Rodonit and visit by Kayak these two magnificient Bays. Due to the stormy weather it was not for sure the best day for kayaking. The strong wind from the south caused big waves on the Lalzit bay but Rodonit bay was protected from the winds.

It was possible to enjoy the kayaking until i try to overcome the cape. The waves and the winds make me struggle to get back to Rodonit bay.

On the way back, I could watch the albanian fishing technologies placing small bombs under the water.

Kepi i Rodonit is a very beatiful place for relaxing:
you can hike to the summer residence of Skanderbeg nearly at the end of the cape
visit an ortodox church with iron water.
visit all the bunkers that are hiding on the slopes.
visit te virgin beaches, the one which is close to the orthodox church has a restaurant opened in summer period.

Even though Rodon Cape Guards is taken care unselfishly, the place is sometimes dirty. (More info about the organization: http://www.facebook.com/Rojet.e.Kepit.te.Rodonit)


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