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közel Gushtë, Shkodër (Albania)

The standard way to visit Lake Koman is via the ferry, but zooming through this gorgeous stretch of rugged cliffs, narrow canyons, with colorful orange and purple rock formations in a bus converted boat in only a few hours is a shame.

The houses along the lake are stunningly remote given that the Koman damn is only a few hours drive from Shkoder. But the once daily ferry is the only form of regular transportation for the inhabitants on the lake. Most families have their own rowboats or small motorboats used for fishing and short trips.

Curiously, the region has become a bit more remoter since the completion of the Tirana-Kosovo highway that connects the northern Tropoje region with Kosovo. Much of the lake and river traffic has stopped, as most people opt for the longer, but faster, drive through Kosovo.

Paddling, hiking, and camping are all very straightforward on the lake. Putting in at the Koman damn is no problem, though you'll need to convince the locals you don't want a ride on their ferry or boats.

When it comes to finding a place to bed down, there are plenty of flat, terraced fields, large and small, accessible from the water side with a bit of scrambling.

Be mindful of the waterline. The lake has an artificial tide of sorts, as the damn periodically drains water, reducing the water level for a time until it fills up again. You don't want to setup below the waterline on a sandy beach when the water rises. That's a surefire way to end up with wet belongings.

Drinking the lake water unfiltered or unpurified is not recommended, however there are many small streams and creeks that flow into the river, and those are potable.

Note that the lake, while stunning and remote, is not wild, there are plenty of inhabitants around that you probably don't see. Houses are perched up high on the sides of cliff walls, and paths lead down to the shore where they putz around in their boats fishing and doing other domestic activities.

If you need quick escape: the ferry that runs twice daily in the morning, first Fierze-Koman, and then Koman-Fierze, will gladly pick you and your boat up. Just holler and wave to flag them down.

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    Palmtreeproduction 2014.04.26.

    I did the ferry-thing many years ago, but yours is by far the best Komani trip (and best Komani trip description) that I've seen. Congrats!

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