174 m
-102 m
103,76 km

Megtekintve 3745 alkalommal, letöltve 24 alkalommal

közel Ryde, England (United Kingdom)

This is a nice route. Weather conditions were good with a steady SE Wind. This gave me a nice run on the long Military Road which runs along the south of the island with a tail wind. Riders may wish to consider doing the same route anti-clockwise when winds are from the prevailing SouthWest!

The trip is 103KM (or 65 miles in old money). Plenty of hills as you wil see from the profile. I have assessed this as a moderate, but depending on your level of fitness, others may judge it as easy or difficult.

Plenty of places to stop along the way. One of my favourites is Yarmouth Harbour which I know very well from sailing. On this trip, I stopped in the Deli at Yarmouth for some food which is tucked into the corner of the town Square. Yarmouth is a great place with a Ferry. One usefull tip - It does have a Ferry to the mainland and Yarmouth could be used as a start and end point for a trip. At the end, you could use the showers in the harbour office £1.30). They have been provided for yachtsmen, but the harbour office will not object to cyclist using them. You can get a token for the shower from a coin machine in the entrance.

The journey along the north coast is very nice - you will pass through historical places like Shalefleet, Newtown and Cowes. The New Inn at Shalfleet is famed for good seafood and real ale. Again known from my yachting activities in this area.

My start and end point was Ryde. Yarmouth I have already sugested. There is also Cowes. You can get to this place from Southampton.


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