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közel Mount Pleasant, England (United Kingdom)

This is basically one of the best road rides I have ever done around London area.
From the big city you will be very soon in Kent enjoying surprisingly very quiet roads through the countryside and the forests. That place, Biggin Hill, is very popular among Londoners road bikers, so you will probably find quite a lot cyclists on the road.
Kent is definitively a nice area to explore...

Big gravel bump

Be careful at the end of the downhill. There was a big gravel bump!!

Paved Shortcut

15-JUL-12 12:59:02


15-JUL-12 14:32:47

Pub & Town

15-JUL-12 14:39:51


Grays Inn Road y Guilford Street y Calthorpe Street

View point

15-JUL-12 14:14:21

5 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép Ian Ginger

    Ian Ginger 2012.07.19.

    Hi David, looks like a lovely ride, seems you had decent weather too? must do this ride with you when we get some nice weather.

  • Fénykép soruman

    soruman 2012.07.25.

    Hi Ian, the ride and the weather was great indeed.
    Kent seems to be a nice place for riding and walking, and it is not very far away from London..

  • Fénykép beetroot

    beetroot 2012.10.11.

    If you don't mind taking your bike on the train, you can start/finish many nice rides in that area from Hayes station (direct trains from Charing X/London Bridge), cutting out some of the more boring urban cycling. See my routes for some examples.

  • Fénykép soruman

    soruman 2012.10.11.

    Yes, I definitively need to introduce the train on my rides.
    I will have a look at your routes.Thanks


  • Carlewis 2017.05.19.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nice Trail

You can or this trail