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közel Royal Tunbridge Wells, England (United Kingdom)

National Route 18 between Tunbrige Wells and Canterbury, 95 km (60 mile) long route, most of it on road. Between Tunbrigde Wells and Ashford it travels through the High Weald, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Ashford-Canterbury section is part of the Pilgrims Cycle Way.

The route has 4 off-road sections, the first one in the Bedgebury forest (2 km), the second arriving in Ashford (3 km), the other two (6 and 5 km) between Ashford and Canterbury. A hybrid bike would do perfectly.

There are a couple of advantages of doing it from Tunbridge Wells to Canterbury, instead of the other way around. The first half of the route, starting at Tunbridge Wells, is quite hilly, while the second half until Canterbury is completely flat, easier to ride when you start feeling tired. The second advantage is the wind, which usually blows from West to East, helping you a little bit.

Nice and well signed route, and as it passes through Ashford, it can be done in one or two stages.


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