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közel Winklern, Carinthia (Austria)

This great but challenging trip takes you onto the Großglockner Hochalpenstrasse from Winklern, and takes you up to Hochtor, the pass into Salzburg province, and then back down and up to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, with a mighty view of the Großglockner and the Pasterze glacier. The views are great and the road is smooth. The climb is long, but not too steep (see e.g. and As a cyclist you do not have to pay toll. Start early to avoid dense tourist traffic on the Hochalpenstrasse. The climb via Apriach is a bit steeper, but much quieter. You may see and/or hear marmots (Murmeltiere) and ibex near the top (I saw them near Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe).
I started from a parking place on the road just north of Winklern. From here the B107 road starts climbing and will keep climbing for 34 km. Initially you climb slowly through the valley of the Möll river. After about 8 km you keep left on a recently constructed cycling path which takes you away from the road and close to the river for 3 km. In Döllach you cross the B107, and shortly after start the steeper climb to Apriach on the L20. Quickly you gain height and you have great views of the Möll valley and later of the Hohe Tauern and the Hochalpenstrasse in the distance. After about 3.5 km the road flattens off a bit, climbs a bit over 100 m in 3.5 km past Apriach and then levels at 1520 m for about 2.5 km. To the left you have good views of the Jungfernsprung waterfall and Heiligenblut and later your first glimpses of the snow-capped Grossglockner. About 9.5 km after you left Döllach the L20 joins the B107 again. From here to Hochtor it is another 12.6 km and 985 m ascent. After 2 km you pass the toll booth for the Hochalpenstrasse. The road climbs a further 2.2. km and then descends for 1.9 km to a roundabout where you start your winding climb to Hochtor for 6.6 km. Here there is a tunnel taking you to the Salzburg side of the pass. You could descend here and then climb the Edelweisspitze and return, another 16 km and 680 m ascend/descend. Otherwise you return to the Carinthian side. You then descend back to the roundabout and then go up to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe for 8.4 km to the ‘Nationalparkplatz’. Here, you have the great view of the Grossglockner and the Pasterze glacier. It can also be very busy with tourists and cars. The last stretch of the climb just before the Höhe through the half-open tunnel is the steepest and a bit off-putting with the noise and exhaust fumes of all the cars and motorcycles passing. The rest of the route is great. See for more information.
After your visit you return for your descent (with a little climb after the roundabout) to the start of the route. On the way back I returned via Heiligenblut via the B107 and skipped the cycle path.
You can find something to eat and drink at various places, among others at a kiosk at Hochtor, several places at and near the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, and in Heiligenblut.


Alpine village on the L20.

Climb to Hochtor

Here starts the final stretch (6.6 km) of the climb to Hochtor.

Climb to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe

Here starts the climb to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, an 8.4 km stretch with 500 m ascent.

Cycle Path

Here I entered the R8 cycle path (Glockner radweg is the cycle route all the way from Möllbrücke to Heiligenblut, but not asphalted all the way). Until Döllach/Grosskirchheim the cycle path is paved with asphalt. It seems they are extending the asphalted stretch. This stretch is beautiful along and across the Möll river.


From here you have a great view towards the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, the glacier lake and the winding road going up to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

Heiligenblut am Großglockner

Village is a well-known base for alpine activities and has a characteristic church which can be seen from far. There are multiple restaurants.

Hochalpenstrasse Toll Booth

Here is the Hochalpenstrasse toll booth. No fees for cyclists.


This is the pass at 2504 m, but you still need a tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain. There are a kiosk and toilets here.

Hochtor Salzburg side

You can ride through the tunnel to get a view of the Salzburg side of the pass.

Parkplatz Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe

Next to the "Nationalparkplatz" Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe there is great viewing of the Grossglockner and the Pasterze glacier.

Start climb Döllach

Here the climb on the L20 to Apriach starts.

Viewing Platform

Behind the restaurant there is a steel viewing platform

Viewpoint glacier lake

Viewpoint of the glacier lake below the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. I saw marmots and ibex here.

Viewpoint Gletscherbahn

Viewpoint Gletscherbahn

Viewpoint to Glocknerhaus

Viewpoint to Glocknerhaus.

Viewpoint to Heiligenblut

Viewpoint to Heiligenblut


Nice waterfall close to the road.

Waterfall Jungfernsprung

Waterfall Jungfernsprung can be seen from the road to Apriach and directly from the B107.

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  • Fénykép JUHEGUZ

    JUHEGUZ 2018.04.28.

    Hola Tjaart Molenkamp!!!.

    Sobre mediados de Julio, estaré en Salzburgo y quiero realizar este recorrido, pero a diferencia de hacerlo en bicicleta, será en motocicleta. Soy ciclista, tanto de montaña, como de carretera, pero en este viaje, las bicicletas se quedan en Granada, España.

    Como comento, haré un viaje en motocicleta por Europa, y una de las etapas, es desde Praga a Salzburgo.

    Preparando el viaje, en foros de motociclismo he descubierto el Grossglockner y Wikiloc he descubierto tu recorrido el cual me sirve como orientación. ¿Que itinerario me recomiendas seguir desde Salzburgo, y después de visitarlo continuar viaje a Interlaken?...

    En espera de tus comentarios, recibe un cordial saludo.


  • Fénykép Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 2018.05.04.

    Hola JUHEGUZ,
    I am not familiar with motor bike routes, so I am afraid I cannot help you there. Both the Grossglockner and Interlaken are not on the way from Prague to Salzburg, I would think, but more of an extension (the north side of the Grossglockner is in the province of Salzburg). There are a lot of beautiful roads and mountain passes in the Alps. The Grossglockner is one of them. Not my entire route is suitable for the motorbike (cycle paths). Have fun this July!

  • Fénykép JUHEGUZ

    JUHEGUZ 2018.05.06.

    Ok, Tjaart Molenkamp.
    Eso espero, divertirme y pasarlo bien.

    Un saludo!!.

  • Fénykép JUHEGUZ

    JUHEGUZ 2020.03.22.

    Hola Tjaart Molenkamp!.
    Como comenté, estuve con la moto por esa zona. Todo el recorrido del Grossglockner fue una maravilla, algo portentoso. Unos escenarios naturales de una belleza brutal.
    El día que hice ese recorrido tuve un clima fatal. Mucha lluvia que me impidió disfrutar plenamente de tan magnos escenarios. Hice fotos, pero debido a la climatología no tienen mucha calidad. Quiero pedirte permiso (si lo estimas conveniente) para descargar algunas de tus fotografías. Si opinas que es incorrecto, házmelo saber.
    Saludos desde España.

  • Fénykép JUHEGUZ

    JUHEGUZ 2020.03.22.

    Hallo Tjaart Molenkamp!
    Wie gesagt, ich war in dieser Gegend auf dem Fahrrad. Die gesamte Strecke des Großglockners war ein Wunder, etwas Bedeutendes. Natürliche Umgebungen von brutaler Schönheit.
    An dem Tag, als ich diese Tour machte, hatte ich ein tödliches Klima. Viel Regen, der mich daran hinderte, solch großartige Szenarien in vollen Zügen zu genießen. Ich habe Fotos gemacht, aber aufgrund des Wetters haben sie nicht viel Qualität. Ich möchte Sie um Erlaubnis bitten (wenn Sie es für zweckmäßig halten), einige Ihrer Fotos herunterzuladen. Wenn Sie denken, dass es falsch ist, lassen Sie es mich bitte wissen.
    Grüße aus Spanien.

  • Fénykép Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 2020.03.22.

    Hola Juheguz,
    ¡No hay problema para descargar fotos! Lástima que tuvieras tan mal tiempo ...
    Saludos desde los Países Bajos

  • Fénykép JUHEGUZ

    JUHEGUZ 2020.03.22.

    Muy agradecido. Muchas gracias.

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