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közel Kayembe, Lualaba (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The road conditions started to improve the day before, to the east of Mutshatsha. There where those massive potholes; 3m wide, 5m long, 1m deep. I almost got swallowed by one because I didn't see it with the rising sun in my face. There's very little deep sand, up to Kolwezi the road is mostly good piste, from there it's good to very good tarmac all the way tu Lubumbashi.

I slept in the "Hotel du Peuple", which smells of vomit and cheap hookers and is filled with vomit and cheap hookers. $15 a night

There's a grill in front of the hotel that sells greasy, spicy slices of meat tough. I bought loads of that and washed it down with some Tembe. I needed to gain some weight that I lost in the last 2 weeks.


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