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közel Kampong Sungai Midah (မလေးရှား)

Rode my trusty kapchai from Cheras to Kuala Kubu Bahru en route to Kg Kerling to check out the Kerling Hotspring. It has been a long time since I last did my solo bike ride for similar purpose. The Rawang Bypass was cool to ride through and so was the Ulu Yam-Batu Caves trunk road. Kerling Hotspring was nothing to shout about, but it was pretty quiet and serene. Toilets and changing rooms were available there, though the water flow in the toilet was dismal. Save for the pesky mosquitoes, this place will be nice to set up a tent, boil some hot water for one's favourite hot beverage(s) and just relax. According to the maintenance worker I talked to, hardly anyone camps there. The river was not wide or deep nor swift, so it's family friendly. The hotspring - well... I have seen better elsewhere.


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