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Koordináták 4910

Uploaded 2017. június 17.

Recorded május 2016

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közel Nguadi, Kasai (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The road up until entering West-Kasai is utter shite. It becomes slightly better after that, but is still far from flawless. I was there right after the end of the rainy season and there was Chinese sponsored maintenance going on with heavy machinery, therefore people arriving there later in the year might experience better conditions.

The N1 at this point is a 4 or 6 lanes wide sandy piste, it would be enormous fun riding this road at high speeds, but the traffic including anything and everthing from goats, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, cars and lorries warrants caution. The lorries are trailed by giant trails of dust, impairing vision drastically.


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