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közel Giraltovce, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

As a part of Comenius project Let stones speak: rocking around our European heritage we explored our closest highlands called Ondava highlands extends to the north-east of Slovakia in the Prešov county in the townships - Bardejov, Svidník, Stropkov, Vranov nad Topľou and Humenné. It belongs to the area of The Low Beskydy, that is the part of the Eastern Karpaty. Ondava highlands is extensive mountain built with paleogene rocks of flys, mostly with claystone and sandstones, slates and marls. The surface of Ondava highlands is alternately covered by forests and mountain meadows, pastures and agricultural land and mixed forests prevail. The area is reclaimed by rivers Topľa and Ondava. On the river Ondava, there is water dam Domaša, that is used as a reservoir of utility and drinking water and for recreation purpose, as well.


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