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Koordináták 2924

Uploaded 2016. június 27.

Recorded június 2016

2 238 m
536 m
50,44 km

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közel Hedley, British Columbia (Canada)

Was going to list this as a Offroad trail but after hitting a very narrow overgrown section coming back from hwy 3a, I changed it to an ATV trail.

Lots of great views and fun tight sections.

Missed a really fun switchback hill climb due to some fallen trees that we didn't have time to clear.
Old Gunbarrel Saloon - has a parking lot to offload right at the trailhead.
Views of the surrounding mountains, including Beaconsfield mountain (Apex mountain resort), Apex Proper, Nickel Plate Lake, and Nickel Plate Mine
Views from the next peak over
View of Keromeos and K mountain off in the distance.
Keromeos and K mountain
Hwy 3A between Yellow Lake and Keromeos.
Some photos from below the Apex proper peak. Late June and there is still snow to be found.


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