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közel Nechako, British Columbia (Canada)

To get to the start of this trail from the Onion Lake side you'll have to follow the "Deception Lake Trail" I posted before this trail.
This trail used to be a logging road Mainline many years ago so it is quite wide most of the way, but has its narrow spots and a large bridge taken out which is pretty easy to get around with an ATV.
I don't know the trails around kitimat otherwise I'm sure you can get to the highway from this trail and probably do a full loop back around through the Wedeene. On the Kitimat end of this trail there is a sign posted calling this trail the "Trail that never ends"
The trail is an easy ride except for the short bit around the big bridge missing which is a little swampy and may give you a little trouble.
Trail start in left
Trail condition
Bridge detour
Creek crossing
Trail condition
Small washout
W- 8 trail
Creek crossing
Trail condition
Old bridge & beaver dam
Forest road reference
Never End Trail
Water crossing
Water crossing


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