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Uploaded 2017. május 11.

Recorded május 2017

242 m
23 m
20,07 km

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közel Lakelse Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

An experienced ATV rider will get to the lake with no trouble at all.
I would not suggest any larger than ATV SXS vehicles attempt this trail unless you bring ramps to cross the 13 ditches that have culverts removed and are deep but short so bumpers get hung up, a winch, chainsaw and don't mind your paint getting scuffed up..
There are 2 bridges removed from this trail, the first one is easy enough to get around, but the second one is pretty deep with a steep hill to climb on the other side.
Deception Lake Start
Smooth road
No blocked
Bridge out detour
Bridge out detour 2
Creek crossing
Other side of creek
Turn right at stop sign
No bridge - ditch
No bridge steep ditch
Trail condition
Train condition
Small pool
Deception lake 1
Deception lake 2
Deception lake 3
Deception lake 4
ATV trail
Deception lake 5


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