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közel Keithley Creek, British Columbia (Canada)

30 kms from the town of Likely up the Keithly Creek Road. Well marked parking with two out houses. Room for boon-docking , lots of bugs including horse flies, small flies and mosquitoes. The ride was fun, we rode late August and the wild flowers had finishes blooming. Trails are well marked with lots of shale. The trail we took was the Hampton trail The map shows some great way points one of a an old miners cabins, the miner had built some retaining walls that are still there. The turn around point is at an old gold mine. You can go and look in the old mine shaft. There are lots of signs asking you to stay on the trail and not disturb the alpine. Please obey all signs
Y in the trail stay left.
Direction sign
Old miners cabin and retaining wall built a very long time ago.
Built by old miner
Valley and meadow, beautiful
Stop sign point to check on other riders that may be in the vicinity.
Snowshoe plateau alpine area. Beautiful views.
View from the plateau. Smokey the day we rode it.
This is an old mine site. Old broken down wooden and concrete buildings remains. This is the old mine shaft.
Sign showing location of trails


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