5,59 km


481 m

Nehézségi szint



481 m

Max elevation

2 307 m



Min elevation

1 813 m

Trail type

  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)
  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)
  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)
  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)
  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)
  • Fénykép Gutanasar (2,299.6m)


2 óra 27 perc




2016. december 14.


január 2016

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2 307 m
1 813 m
5,59 km

Megtekintve 1665 alkalommal, letöltve 32 alkalommal

közel Fantan, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Ski trail description
Gutanasar is a dormant volcano in the center of Armenia’s Kotayk province. Covered with thick snow from January through March, it is part of the Geghama Mountains that neighbor Lake Sevan to the west. This trail begins 3 km south of the volcano, at Fantan village. The mountain has an elevation of 2,299.6m and slopes with tilts varying between 25-45°. The piste runs on the north side of the mountain.
Gutanasar is rich with deposits of pearlite and pumice. It’s most convenient to take the ski trail in January and February. Since the mountain is not particularly high, its snow cover is silky soft and enjoyable on every level. If weather permits, the peak of Gutanasar offers a view of the Hatis, Ara, Aragats and Ararat mountains.

Monuments description
Tsaghkadzor is considered the largest ski resort in Armenia. The Kecharis Monastery complex (11th-13th centuries) served as a prominent religious and cultural center in Medieval Armenia. The complex consists of four churches, a narthex and two chapels. The main building, St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, was built in 1033 by Grigor Magistros, whose name is engraved above the southern entrance. Kecharis was home to distinguished scientists and political figures of that period. The monastery has a modest exterior, and has been destroyed and reconstructed multiple times. The Katoghike Church, with its lush decorations, is the most exquisite building in the Kecharis Monastery. It is worth noting that the Kecharis Monastery has been built in harmony with the landscape of the area.

Winter is a tough season for wildlife in Armenia. The search for food becomes extremely difficult for both herbivorous and carnivorous species. Many mammals hibernate under the thick snow, including bears, badgers, hedgehogs, and bats. In winter months, you may meet a grey wolf, fox, wild rabbit or dogs on the slopes. Birds that spend winter in Armenia are very few, and include the native sparrow, magpie, grey crow, screech owl, and black-headed gull.

Safety and Security
Ucom and VivaCell-MTS networks are almost always available from the route connecting Fantan village to Mount Gutanasar. In case of emergency, call 911, a service which is available throughout Armenia.

Technical parameters
Best period: January-March.
Distance: 35km from Yerevan
Duration: 1 hour
Ski trail length: 5.5 km.
Ski run: 2 hours 30 min.
Altitude from sea level: 1,804-2,299 m
The best drink to have on hand is warm tea.

How to Reach the Ski Trail
To reach the above-mentioned piste, you need to get to Fantan village in Kotayk. It is most convenient to take a cab. Taxi services are quite affordable throughout Armenia. We recommend taking a cab with a meter, and making sure the driver uses it.







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