2 049 m
1 099 m
15,77 km

Megtekintve 17383 alkalommal, letöltve 37 alkalommal

közel Demänovská Dolina, Žilinský (Slovenská republika)

Chopok - Trangoška - Štefánička - Ďumbier - Chopok

One of the most popular ski tours in Low Tatras range. This time I started on the top, skied down the resort and then climbed up again, but usually you start at Trangoska in the valley. Ascent through nice valley to Stefanikova hut, then smooth southern face of Dumbier. Ridge traverse to Chopok with beautiful views on High Tatras (beware of icy conditions in this part). On descent choice of groomed slopes of Chopok - Juh skiing resort or easy freeride at Zadne Derese (westernmost part of the resort). Two mountain huts (and more resort facilities) on the way. Doing the tour in reverse direction is possible - if you don't mind meeting downhill skiers while skinning uphill.


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