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közel Sina e Poshtme, Dibër (Albania)

The old road along the Drini Zi (the Black Drin) connecting Peshkopi with Kukes must be considered one of the Albanian classics - and surely is on the list of any ambitious offroad enthusiast venturing into Northeast Albania. Older maps mark the road as a major long-distance national road, though this status is clearly no longer deserved since asphalting of the eastern road (along the Korab Massif and the border to Macedonia) has been completed in 2012.

As a consequence, the Drini road sees very little traffic, and almost no heavy trucks. This keeps the road in a fairly good condition (save for a 50 meter stretch, the spot of a landslide in 2009), and movement is swift and comfortable. Still three hours should be planned for the 42 kilometers from Arras, which is the turn off to the eastern side of the Lure National Park, up to Kolesjan where the Drini road meets the asphalt road coming from Peshkopi. This time should be budgeted because of the expected many stops for enjoying the breathtaking views - especially of the Skavicë Gorge and towards the Korab massif - and for taking photographs.

The road is fairly exposed at times and should not be taken lightly by travelers with fear of height.

The road can also be driven in reverse direction. Near Arras, one has the difficult choice to proceed to Peshkopi or to turn towards Lure (a slightly more arduous undertaking, see Wikiloc #3172077), or to go Burrel via Qafa e Murres (Wikiloc #3172322).

Many sidetrips should be possible. To venture into the Skavice Gorge would be a special challenge.

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    Real nice track. Quite easy with a nice place for swimming in the drin if you leave the track a bit.

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